Since 1996 injured workers in Pennsylvania have had the opportunity to settle their injury cliams against their employers and the insurance company.

A lump sum settlement is only available by agreement in most cases.  The decision to settle a claim involves consideration of more than just deciding how much you can get.  You must think about how it will impact your future.  Your employer may require you to resign and give up other important rights.  You must think about how you are going to pay future medical bills and consider whether you can return to work.

This process can be complex and can have consequences far beyond the payment of the settement.

If you are receiving Workers' Compensation benefits and the insurance company has approached you to settle your case or if you want to settle your case you need to contact an experienced attorney who has settled these matters before.  I have been handling and settling these cases for oveer 25 years.  I have worked for the insurance companies and I have represented the injured workers and I can help you.  Call for an appointment and we can see if you qualify for a settlement and if that is in your best interest.